Something not expected.

None of you expected this coming, did you? This army that failed me when Skyfish fired Johnylumber is back. Leader is me and only me, unless some legend from our former generation comes back. The big mistake costing this army’s existence will not be repeated.

Once more, and I am proud to say…

We are back.



A Fresh Start For AU.

Hello guys

Jodie here, your new leader. And I want us to start fresh. Forget all of the things that have happened, like arguments, being overthrown, and that stuff, and I want us to start fresh. I decided this when I heard that we only got 2 troops at our last event.

SO I have started our fresh start off with an unscheduelled training session. And we are back up to our usual standards! here are the pics.



This next picture was at the start of the event

so yeahhh, TOP 10 HERE WE COME


Jodie out.


Sky: I may not be able to make the invasion so highest rank on leads. Make sure to get pictures!


I am not even inthis army anymore, and I shouldn’t even behurling it, but for the past weeks I have looked at the SMAC website on the SMAC down post saying we are versing someone this Sunday (Saturday for America)  at 2:30pm EST which is 2:30am for WESTERN AUSTRALIA which is where most of our troops are. But now I realised we are just verwing Holiday raiders fairs raiders now)  or Sharks of cp. We still have some American troops, and with 2+ troops we can beat them, so let’s do this! 😀

#2 Army Union vs. #7 Sharks/Fire Raiders

Ice Pond, Forts
Date: Saturday, July 28th  (Sunday, July 29th for Australia)
2:30 pm EST

2:30 am Australian Western Australian standard time
1:30 pm CST
12:30 noon MST
11:30 am PST
7:30 pm GMT

Remember, no xat chats in battles!

Invasion of the entire Cabin Warrior nation


If you are wondering why, here is the why: 

It’s time to prove them wrong by invading their entire nation

Note: Every event has the same times

Times(for every event): 5PM PST





8AM Australia


Invasion: Day 1- VICTORY CW-No show

What? Invasion of Alaska

When? America- Wednesday (25th)

Australia- Thursday (26th)


Invasion: Day 2- Victory- CW- No show

What? Invasion of Sled

When? America- Thursday (26th)

Australia- Friday (27th)


Final invasion- Day 3

What? Invasion of Flipper

When? America- Saturday (28th)

Australia- Sunday (29th)

Comment if you can make any of the events!

Practice Battle CANCELLED

Due to CW being mostly GMT, the time don’t work out

As our first event after the chat crisis, I have decided to organize a practice battle with the Cabin Warriors. These are the times-

What? Practice battle with Cabin Warriors

When? America- Friday (27th) Australia- Saturday (28th)

Times- America- PST- 4PM_ MST- 5PM _CST- 6PM_ EST- 7PM

Australia- 7AM

Where? Klondike

Comment if you can come


Series of events

Sidie9: Sky, or any leader, schedule an event so we can be active. I am not in the army, nor is johnylumber, rely on yourself.


Sidie9: Do not worry everyone about the chat crisis. Johnylumber is just a vandal. We are making a new chat right now, so do not sweat.

After unstickying my post several times and then draft it, I decided to delete Jojo off the site. He has recently taken over the chat in his pathetic attempt to overthrow me. He has refused to give anyone that was main , including Holo, the chat pass. Due to these unfortunate events,

Jojo, you are FIRED.

I will be editing this post to keep it updated.

Practice battle with Blizzard warriors

Sky: Completely unrelated but jojo stop changing banpool name.

The Blizzard warriors are back, and ready for a challenge. I am retired from this army, but I am BW 2ic too, so I’ll just kill two birds with one stone and get the post on both army’s sites. Here’s the times:

What? Practice battle with Blizzard Warriors

Date: This Friday (Saturday for Australia & Singapore)

Server: Snow Fort

6:00 PM EST

5:00 PM CST

4:00 PM MST

3:00 PM PST

11:00 PM GMT



6:00 AM AWST (Australian Western Standard time)

My Retirement from the Army Union

Yes, it is my time to retire from this army. It has been a long road for me alongside this army, as I have been step by step alongside each troop individually. But now, it is time for me to end my road that stays beside the Army Union. I will be gone for good, until this army falls to the near-death point. I now have to focus my army career on Night warriors, as I am next in line for leadership, and even if I wouldn’t leave this army I would have left at the end of summer (Winter for Aussies). One of the other reasons I made this army is to rise it to the Major point, but it seems impossible in my era. I hope Austin (Skyfish)’s era is more successful (Becoming the Golden era) and conquering at least 10th in the CPAC top ten. Now, I wish you all the best of luck. Thank you.


~Sidie9, former Army Union Head 1ic

Active Count + Event *Must Comment*

Well, to continue our road to glory I decided to have a little active count, next is a little training session. Please click “Read More”

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Re-do: Sidie9’s birthday party

Sorry, I couldn’t come at the time. So now I am making it tomorrow (Saturday America, Sunday AUS), same time as it was before. KTHXBAI


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