Final Retirement of Rex

Can be found here.

Growth to greatness.

BA is falling apart, and I hoped we would stay loyal to the cause, but sadly some people have let the alliance down, and we are regretfully pulling out.

So what now?

We will just grow our muscles. AUS, UK, US.

Just training, having some fun events, and then, finding a new war.

Half of CP Warfare is full of racists, saying Aussies are useless and should be ignored. Well ignore us for now, but when we get all your servers, you will be crying you’re asses out. And we will just say.

We’ll be careful next time, Aussies are deadly.” *trollface*

More posts to come with events,

Good night comrades.


Success on Sub zero, an IW loss

Sky Edit: Ignore the fact that we have a totally different theme. I’m working on make us look good, so just be patient.

We have won Subzero off the Ice warriors with 48 hour notice. I am so proud of you all troops, we just served the Ice Warriors a side dish of defeat. Don’t try to mess with Aus/Asians next time, IW! 😀 all pictures are provided here.

Now here are the things behind the scenes of what happened on chat. Have a look at what happened on Ice warriors chat once we logged on.

^And that was the only mod throughout the battle, and there were no owners.

Now, take a look at this:

^Says the army x2 larger than Army Union

Now, 2 minutes later they surrender, giving us authority of ownership to the Ice warriors capital Sub zero. Now now Ice Warriors, don’t cry. You’ll try to get Sub Zero again at USA times, but we’ll have the whole Black Alliance at our backs.


Rex and Sidie9, Army Union Leaders –

Dafaq did I just read.





This post gave me cancer.

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