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As your advisor, I only step in when I think necessary. Its one of those times.


The road to victory II Tourney Event 3 bye II Training session

We lost. Simple as that. We didn’t get bashed up, make enemies with Shadow troops, or Go “WE FREAKIN’ LOST! WAAAA!!!!’. No, we didn’t do any of that. We lost. Fair and square. At the end of the tourney match it was 4-7, and so, we lost. BUT AFTER the match we did get sizes up to 10. Here’s some pics of the match.

We lost. Now, after the battle:

(Some people didn’t do the tactic)

Anyway, This tourney match we have a buy, so don’t worry.  But I am scheduling a training session this weekend (Friday for America) so Comment bellow if you can come or not. Times are:

Friday, 1st June 2012 (Saturday, May 2nd 2012 for Australians)

5pm PST

6pm MST

7pm CST

9pm EST

1am BST

8am Australian western standard time

Ice Palace, Stadium


By the way:

Give it up, ‘cos now I’m back.

~Sidie9, Lord shock, Army union leader.

SMAC tourney round 2 times *Must comment*

Important edit: New page for News. Owners and leaders can post new important things on the page when there are already important things on the page. The only news to be posted on the page is event results and times.

Ok please note for Australians 4pm pst is equal to 7am. (Link to our recruitment video)

EDIT: Sneak peak of something, uhh, secret?

Alright! We barely got anyone at our last event, but we still won. We now are versing the Shadow troops, who are somewhat stronger than us. We will probably lose due to having a short notice by me (Don’t blame me, blame the leaders for not because responsible. Sorry, No offence to you.) Now here are the times.

Army Union  vs. Shadow Troops 

Saturday, May 26th, 2012 (Sunday, May 27th, 2012 for Australians)

4pm PST

5pm MST

6pm CST

7pm EST

12am BST

8am Australian western standard time

Ice Palace, Stadium


Also, If you want me to come back to lead this new generation, comment bellow. It depends on the majority of those who vote yes or no.

Ice Palace, Stadium


*sigh* Well, the title says it all. 😦


Another New Leader

Yep that’s right. There’s a new leader in town. He’s been around here for a week now. Let me give you a hint: the leader is the replacement for Candygirl517. Well, I’ll let the cat out. My name is Stormer4879, a new leader. Well, when Candy told me she retired, I thought AU was going to fall, until….she said I was the new leader. So to put this way, I’m her replacement. Enough of that. Let me tell you some stuff about myself:

I am a 5th Grade 11 year old

I have spectacular skills of the CP Warfare and created my own army, but of course it failed. Today I’m in atleast, well, about 6/7 armies right now. So I have a REALLY long schedule. Anyways, here are the armies:

Ninja Freedom Force

Blue Mafias Army

Roman Fire Miners

Pizza Warriors

Army Union

Forest Crew

OK. What occurs in real life? Well, I am trying to become a future athlete over a few decades from training. But which sports? There are 2: Swimming and Basketball. That simple. So, if I invited you to swim in my pool to swim, oh your in for a beatin’. And I’m one of those people who gets angry, alot. So you anger me, I hope you wanna go.

Well, that concludes it. pretty short and sweet right? Well, now that I gave you somethings about myself, I sure hope we can make AU flourish. By this, we can become major. I will not let us fail, no matter what. We will rise from the dead. And so, we shall fight-for the weak.

Ride the lightning!


New Leader

I will make this short and sweet. (:


Touney (must comment)

Sorry, it’s just that there is a tourney on and we’re in it. So here’s the times (we are against CP crew):


8:00am west Australia
7:00pm EST
5:00pm MST
6:00pm CST
4:00pm PST
12:00am BST


Well, there’s not much to say here.


501st Legion Elite Troops (Authorised by Dip)

Note by sidie: I have unstickied this post because this one would block more important ones under this one.

Note by Pont: I am leader of this division.

Hello Everyone,

I under the authority of Dip am creating an elite division known as the 501st Legion which will be taught tactics so secret only leaders know them. Now to their uniform the 501st will looked like this in Star Wars Episode 3:

Now we will utilize their uniform but change it now the 501st Elite Division will wear this sorry have to list them don’t have screenshot software)

Blue football helmet

Any black glasses

Blue Hockey goalie

Black Electric Guitar

Any Blue and White shoes.

These elite members will learn to use elite tactics and in wars will be our main offense force. With the elite training they receive they will be required to come to events more often and if they don’t come to the events required then they will be kicked out of the 501st unless they have a good reason which must be said on the comment of why you aren’t coming. I will consult with Dip and hopefully start the training next week Friday. Remember with this division you must be very loyal, be able to follow orders without questions and be very active or you will be kicked out. This is open to everyone and is one of the places legends end up so come down when I call training and we’ll see if you have what it takes to be one of the 501st legion.

Pontongpasir~ AU Leader!!!

Nice job! II Army union National American week (Must read)


I am deeply impressed with the results of today. We maxed 10 and averaged 8-9. I was going to shut the army down, but now that I see this, NO WAY!

Us at the start.

Us in the middle.

And I was not bothered to have any from the end, because we didn’t see magic.

New topic starting after this line.


Ok, Now as some know, most people in this army will be gone this week on a camp (Including me) so the army will be inactive. So I have declared this week our National American week, and this week there will be no events. BUT there is a catch to this. Each person must recruit one active person for this army or there will be consequences. Now…


~Sidie9, Lord shock

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